I bought two of your soap bars at the Simple Treasures show in Farmington on Saturday. I tried them today–yes, both of them–and I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them!! I ALWAYS have to use body lotion after my shower, but not today. Your soap left my skin feeling very hydrated and moisturized. I have tried other non-commercial soaps in the past, and Luxe Body Worx is by far THE VERY BEST! Thank you for such an awesome product. I just went to your site and ordered a variety of nine more soaps. Can’t wait to try them!!

Pam M.

I just used your soap and WOW I’m hooked. As I’m sure you know redheads tend to have sensitive skin. I can’t wear perfume, most lotions and I’m sensitive to most body washes. Your soap is awesome and so healthy.

Heidi B.

Just a quick note to say THANKS!  Yes, I love your soap-best soap ever, but thanks that you pursue quality, healthy & meaningful products in our culture of fast, cheap & unhealthy.  I appreciate people who still strive to do it right; so thank you for making quality products!

Bob L.

I received your soap as a gift.  I absolutely love this soap and will order more!  I struggle with adult acne and have very sensitive skin, and I have had such a hard time finding something that works on my face, and this stuff totally does!  I swear I will never use another soap.  I can’t tell you how many hundreds (possibly thousands) of dollars I have spent on expensive face washes and creams and not only does none of it work, but some of it actually makes my skin worse!  Thank you for what you do!

Carolyn C.

Luxe Body Worx has the best natural soap has become an indispensable part of my self-care. The blend of natural ingredients, fragrance, and that my skin is free from irritants. Thanks Samantha for the great soap products! I like to get the gift boxes for my clients as well as I think it is such a great product and gift to share with others.

Matt F.