Samantha Madsen has a Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology (with minors in Chemistry and Nutrition) from the University of Utah and recently retired from the Army Reserves as a Lieutenant Colonel. She has over forty years dedicated to health, wellness, and fitness. She has a long list of accolades as a professional athlete, speaker, wellness coach, and writer.

Samantha’s Story:

As a professional athlete I was extremely hard on my skin. Spending time in the outdoors in Utah, with elevation and an arid climate, certainly didn’t help my skin any. A dear friend gave me my first lesson in soap making using vegan ingredients. I could not believe the transformative effect on my sensitive skin. From a simple bar of soap! Well, really not so simple. Being science minded, I began researching soap making in general and pulling studies on different botanical oils and their effects on skin. I wanted to formulate a soap bar superior to anything I’d seen or tried, that was long lasting, and applicable for sensitive skin. I was motivated not only because of my own skin issues, but that of my parents and family. The people we love are powerful catalysts. I thought back to my college graduate school days when I chose pharmaceutical biochemistry as an elective. The first three weeks of the course were acid-base reactions (soap is an acid-base reaction). It made me smile.

As soap for friends and family spawned into a business, I began further research on serums, salves, lotions, scrubs, and balms, formulating with intent and purpose—inspired by nature and guided through evidence based science. This was crucial in order to produce effective products that can impact people’s lives. This whole process was completely aligned to my health and wellness lifestyle. It was such a natural fit and provided another avenue to help others reduce exposure to harmful chemicals and enhance lifestyles in a new way. I was thrilled and so grateful to be blessed with an inquisitive mind, thoughtful investigation, and passionate enthusiasm for the process and end results.    

The company has evolved into a comprehensive product line for face, bath, and body—well beyond just soap. It’s why the company name has changed. We are your source for organic, natural, and balanced skincare products that can enhance your lifestyle through evidence based formulations.

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