Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our FAQ before sending us a message.

We use the United States Postal Service for our shipping. Shipping charges are estimated on size and weight of products. If there is an overestimation of shipping charges, we’ll credit the difference to your credit card or Amazon account.

We accept all major credit cards and payment through your Amazon account. If you wish to mail a check or money order please contact us via phone or email. Once we know your order we’ll give you a total so you can send your check or money order. Once your check clears our bank, we will notify you and ship your product(s).

We ship products within one to three days of receiving an order. Depending on your shipping selection, an order will take one to five business days to receive.

Shopping is completely secure as no credit card information is stored. In fact, we don’t even see your credit card information. Our ecommerce platform has a very sophisticated program to prevent fraud. If you feel unsure you can always call to give your information over the phone.

We receive notification an order has been placed. We pull the products, package, weigh, and place a shipping label the box. Your order is either dropped off or picked up by USPS. You are notified at the time of order placement, if there is an update to your order, and when your order ships. You’ll also receive tracking information so you can track your order. Check your spam/junk mail folder if you haven’t seen any messages from us. Ensure Luxe Body Worx is on your safe senders list.

You’ll receive an electronic invoice when you place your order and an updated electronic invoice if any changes were made to your order.