Welcome to Luxe Body Worx. We’re so glad you’re here! We want to be your source for face and body products. Our goal is to create luxury, handcrafted products that will benefit your skin, health, and wellbeing. Products that you can be proud to gift to loved ones, display in your home, and use on your skin. Purposeful formulations that is effective, meaningful, and transformative to your wellbeing and health. We are dedicated to offering you a superior product, concentrating on the details and consistency in small batch manufacturing. This safeguards the effect of our superior-quality ingredients.

Influenced by our surroundings in the beautiful outdoors of Utah, nature is our inspiration and science is our guide. Evidence based science, research, and education are critical to our purpose. We deeply believe in empowerment through thoughtful, clear, and accurate information.

Our philosophy is based on three components: responsibly sourcing quality ingredients, education and research through evidence based science, and infusing love in everything we do. We are sincerely passionate about our brand because we know using our products makes a difference.

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Bath Bombs / Shower Steamers

Relax! Shower Steamer


Herb Infused Salves

Canine Salve


Bath Bombs / Shower Steamers

Uplift + Revive Natural Bath Bomb

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Bath Bombs / Shower Steamers

Clarity! Shower Steamer


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